About us

TÜV INTERCERT, independent Certification Body for system and product, springs from the desire to support companies and organisations in obtaining certification which guarantees attention to the quality, efficiency and safety, not only of the goods and services offered but also of the management system employed.

TÜV INTERCERT was established in Milan in 2003, under the company name of TÜV Saarland ITALIA S.r.l. and thanks to the valuable contribution of Eng. Sergizzarea, Chairman and CEO of the Certification Body. In a little while, it expanded both in Italy where it is now present in Reggio Emilia, Parma, Turin, Rome, Bari, and abroad where it can boast offices in Istanbul (Turkey) since its establishment, Barcelona (Spain) since 2004, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) since 2005, Korea, China and Japan since 2006, and Tehran (Iran) and Athens (Greece) since 2007 and in Canada since 2009.

In June 2006, TÜV Saarland ITALIA S.r.l. made its company name over to TÜV INTERCERT S.r.l. and in March 2007, it was accredited by TGA/DAR (Trägergemeinschaft für Akkreditierung/Deutscher Akkreditierungs Rat – the German Accreditation Board).

In 2008, in order to be closer to the many German customers as well, it was installed in Bonn (Germany) the new TÜV INTERCERT Gmbh - Group of TÜV Saarland - office, that soon became the Headquarter of the Group.
In 2009, TÜV INTERCERT has taken big steps in product certification. In July 2009 TÜV INTERCERT Gmbh - Group of TÜV Saarland has been awarded by DATech – German Accreditation Body a part of TGA- with the accreditation in accordance with DIN EN 45011. 


In September 2009, TÜV INTERCERT Gmbh - Group of TÜV Saarland -, concluded the registration process for IECEE CB Scheme Membership (International Electro technical Committee for Conformity Testing).