Turn on the energy saving light bulb with a certified photovoltaic system

The strategic and strong collaboration between TÜV InterCert and Istituto di Collaudi e Ricerca M. Masini, offers the great opportunity –with a very reasonable investment – to take advantage from highly qualified and advantageous services:

By combining Testing and Certification services acc. to standards IEC 61215:2016[1] + IEC 61730:2016[2] you can benefit from a special price of € 17.000

In case you need an initial Factory Inspection we can offer you a price of € 2.500 with a fee of € 2.100 for each follow up.

Responsible business defines our corporate culture worldwide. Sustainable development is as important for us as efficient increase of our organization and its processes.

The continuous extension of our services with a direct benefit for our customers, but also transparent and comprehensible actions are an indication of our customer orientation.

It is the goal of high quality level tests and certification to ensure that all concerned parties take more responsibility in the work process and strive for a high quality standard through continuous improvement.

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[1] IEC 61215:2016 (Terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules - Design qualification and type approval)

[2] IEC 61730:2016 (Photovoltaic (PV) module safety qualification)