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01. July 2016

TÜV InterCert and Istituto M. Masini | A wide range of services, a strong partnership

Bonn - Milan, 1st July 2016 – We are glad to announce that TÜV InterCert GmbH - Group of TÜV Saarland and Istituto di Ricerche e Collaudi M. Masini S.r.l. embarked a close cooperation in TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) services.

The new strong partnership will offer a wide range of services thanks to accreditations of laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025), product certification (ISO/IEC 17065), management systems (ISO/IEC 17021) and certification of personnel (ISO/IEC 17024).

In an internal laboratory testing services are carried out in several fields

-     geotechnical tests,

-     thermotechnical tests,

-     mechanical tests,

-     chemical analysis,

-     electromagnetic compatibility tests

-     electrical safety tests

-     reaction to fire tests

-     tests on fire extinghuishers

-     tests on building materials,

-     technological tests,

-     check of products with Ecolabel mark,

-     applicable research on technological field

The long-term experience in the fields of management systems allow the partners to offer to clients a wide choose and the warrantee to get an independent technical partner and the best service to a competitive cost.

Pride and joy – among others – are certifications acc. to accreditation of ISO/IEC 17065 in the fields of renewable energy sources  (PV, inverter, wind energy…). The new asset inherits from TÜV InterCert a deep attention to the sustainability and environmental theme.

The brand new cooperation encloses also CE Marking for several Directives (Notified Body no. 0068, no. 2584 and no. 2616).

-     Machinery

-     ATEX

-     PED

-     Personal Protective Equipment

-     Toys

-     Medical devices

-     Gas Security Appliances

-     Lift and their safety devices

-     Building products

-     Marine equipment

Moreover the new identity asset enjoys the benefits of numerous Italian ministerial authorizations and Italian State Railways, authorization from French Ministry of Industry, Post and Telecommunications and others.

In order to assure complete offer to clients as much as possible, the new asset provides also training services and certification of personnel.

"By combining the services, the dynamism and the innovation of TÜV InterCert and Istituto Masini we can offer our industry clients all over the world a broader service portfolio in Testing, Inspection and Certification and thus the best possible support in the future", agree Eng. Sergizzarea and Eng. Masini.

The new team is at your complete disposal for any request. Do not hesitate to contact our offices,  for further details please click www.tuv-intercert.org and www.istitutomasini.it

TÜV InterCert GmbH - Group of TÜV Saarland

CEO und Präsident

Dipl. Eng. Feridoon Sergizzarea

              Istituto di Ricerche e Collaudi M. Masini S.r.l.

              CEO und Präsident

                Eng. Mario Masini