Certification of youth and gamer protection according to TÜV-GJSTIC:1116

Many grown-ups like to spend their free time in modern casinos and gaming arcades. Undoubtedly every gambling also can have risks for users. It is important that these users do not suffer excessive, undesirable consequences. Legal regulations are the basis for ensuring a minimum of player protection.


Target of the standard: is the development of a certified gambling hall / bars, which ensures safe game operation, a secure gaming environment and a comprehensive player and youth protection.


For whom?: gambling halls, bars and headquarters and administration offices of gamling halls and bars



  • Support a continuous improvement process (CIP) in companies and detection of room for improvement.
  • Higher reputation and public image for companies as a reliable signal for the fulfillment of certain performance characteristics.
  • Achieving aspired quality objectives in this sector for the benefit of society.
  • Customers recognize that certain requirements are taken into account and can take their decision for choosing a gaming arcade on this basis.
  • Competitive advantage, as long as certification is not mandatory.
  • Secure access to the market when certification may become mandatory in 2017.