ePrivacy certification

Data privacy is complex and risky, particularly because a growing digitization requires an ever increasing use of personal data and legal framework (and thus the risk of liability) are developing steadily.
The ePrivacy certification from TÜV InterCert GmbH - Group of TÜV Saarland

  • Covers your data privacy comprehensive and sustainable by audits, non-conformity measures, documentation and continuous privacy inspection based on current legislation, legal practice and industry opinion.
  • Demonstrates risk of personal liability, the data abuse case and sanctions by national data protection officers; it helps to monitor this risk and to minimize it on a continuing basis.

Objective: is to record on digital products and services that the end user can trust your handling of customer data.

Target group: For all companies collecting customer information in digital form.


  • Rapid development of trust: High reliability and credibility by TÜV InterCert GmbH - Group of TÜV Saarland certificates.
  • Clear information transfer: Proven responsible handling of customer data.
  • Strong cooperation partner: TÜV InterCert GmbH – Group of TÜV Saarland, partner for digital data protection with proven expertise in digital products, services and businesses.
  • Transparency and risk minimization: Extensive documentation of standardized reports.
  • Regular information updates: Future support within the framework of the re-audit in changes in laws, regulations and their interpretation as well as in product development of new editions or new business.

The ePrivacy certification of TÜV InterCert GmbH – Group of TÜV Saarland stands for responsible and confidential handling of customer data and so creates confidence toward customers and partners.