Usability Certification

The DIN EN ISO 9241-110 (Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 110: Dialogue principles) defines usability as follows: "Usability is the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which specified users achieve specified goals in particular environments."

The usability certification from TÜV INTERCERT GmbH - Group of TÜV Saarland

  • Supports you to understand the consumer expectation in easy-to-use products / websites for different target groups.
  • Communicates the user-friendly design as a differentiator to the competition.

Objective: is to increase the performance and profitability of the company by improving and optimizing usability.

Target group: all companies with website and / or web shop


  • The certification follows amongst others the guideline of  GfK SirValUse
  • A usability certificate helps to make your offer at point of sale distinguishable.
  • A high level of user-friendliness is a positive marketing message, the certification you can thus help to increase your brand image.
  • The independent certification of the usability of your products and services can enhance the buying interest of the user.
  • Highlighting of good usability is the easiest way to reach the end customers "relevant set".
  • Future support within the framework of the re-audit in changes in laws, regulations and their interpretation as well as in product development of new editions or new business.

The usability certification from TÜV INTERCERT GmbH - Group of TÜV Saarland stands for high profile and credibility toward your customers and partners.